Who can apply?

The Owl is open to professional film and TV writers of all nationalities who have started building their screenwriting career, and want to expand their work to reach a global audience.

The Owl will confirm credits via IMDb.

The Owl is open to writers both with and without representation.

Applicants must have either:

What can I submit?

Each applicant may submit 1 TV drama pilot or 1 Feature Film script. Please note that although we welcome supplementary materials (such as a pitch deck, treatment, bible etc) a full script is required for the purposes of the application. Your script can be an original idea or be based on an underlying property. It must have the potential to be adapted to be produced and/or shot in Greece. It could be set in Greece, or aim to shoot Greece for another location.

For clarity, we are not expecting writers to submit a tailor made script for the purpose of the application but to submit a script that is already written and which could be adapted to be shot in Greece. To get the most out of the Owl, your script should be at the first draft stage, though we will consider more developed projects.

You must either: